2015 Annual Report


Information disclosure policy

Information disclosure is one of the tools of communication of IDGC of Centre with its shareholders, potential investors, consumers, authorities and other groups of stakeholders. The information disclosure system, being well-functioning and effective, helps to promote proper positioning, and forms the Company’s image.

IDGC of Centre discloses its information in compliance with the requirements of Russian laws as a joint-stock company being an issuer whose securities are traded on Moscow Exchange, and as a retail energy market player.

The 2014 Annual Report of IDGC of Centre won 18th Annual Competition of Annual Reports in the main nomination “The Best Annual Report of a Company with Capitalisation up to 30 bln RUB”. The competition was organised by Moscow Exchange and RBC media group.
In the competition of the annual reports organised by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), IDGC of Centre received the highest award — the Platinum Award among companies with revenues of up to USD 100 million. Additionally, the Annual Report of IDGC of Centre was ranked among the 20 best reports out of 800 participants. In the rating assessment, the report of IDGC of Centre scored 99 points out of 100 possible.

The Company strives to provide the most complete information, not limiting itself to the format and schedule for mandatory information disclosure in its effort to reach the most effective interaction with the related parties and enable them to make weighted decisions. The main document defining the principles for information disclosure is the Regulation on Information Policy of IDGC of Centre approved by the Board of Directors (Minutes No. 21/13 dated September 02, 2013). Moreover, the Company follows the recommendations on information disclosure stipulated in the Corporate Governance Code by the Bank of Russia.

Regulation on information policy is available on Company’s website.

Insider information protection

IDGC of Centre works with a large volume of insider information, and the goal of the Company is to prevent its illegal use. To prevent misuse of such information, the Company strictly observes the Regulation on Insider information (Minutes No 27/11 of the meeting of the Board of Directors dated December 29, 2011). IDGC of Centre introduced internal procedures to facilitate compliance with the law and internal regulations.

Regulation on insider information is available on Company’s website.