2015 Annual Report


Prevention of emergency situations

In 2015, no technological violations associated with large power shutdowns or outsourcing services from other grid companies or third parties were recorded at IDGC of Centre’s power grid complex.

In November—December 2015, the Company actively contributed to the elimination of emergency consequences in Crimean Federal District and the city of Sevastopol: IDGC of Centre moved 208 backup power supply sources with total capacity of 9.26 MW, sent 10 service crews to backup the servicing of power supply. In the movement and servicing of power supply, 152 persons and 56 vehicles from all of the Company’s branches were used.

In 2015, to assist in eliminating the consequences of technological violations at IDGC’s other power grid complexes, the Company’s mobile emergency and recovery crews were used two times.

Performance During Special Periods

Environmental and climatic factors have a significant impact on the performance of IDGC of Centre’s power grids complex The Company prepares reliable and sustainable operations during the autumn-winter season and during special periods (flood, fire and thunderstorm periods) in advance.

Preparation for the flooding period

  • Flood committees are created in the executive body and in all branches of the Company.
  • Cooperation with territorial authorities of Roshydromet, divisions of the Russian Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergencies, and local authorities was established, in order to get real-time information about weather conditions contributing to intense snow melting and the risk of flooding
  • Cooperation with divisions of the Russian Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergencies and local authorities was established in order to engage special machines and swimming devices.
  • The permanent availability of systems for communication with emergency crews who repair the power grids equipment was ensured.
  • Monitoring the flood situation: a range of activities is carried out to prevent the impact of a flood on power grid facilities located within the possible territory of flooding.

As a result of activities carried out in 2015, no large power shutdowns, technological violations, damages to power grid facilities, or any damage to the Company’s property was recorded due to spring flooding.

Preparation for the thunderstorm period

In 2015, IDGC of Centre’s branches have implemented over 2 thousand activities for the preparation of thunderstorms. Efficient preparation for the thunderstorm period allowed for the reduction in the number of damaged equipment by 25% compared to 2014.

Resources for Emergency and Repair Works

For the high quality implementation of emergency and repair works, the Company possesses the following resources:

  • Over 1.4 thousand emergency and repair crews, consisting of 7.7 thou. persons and 2.5 thou. cars and special cross-country vehicles, and 90 mobile crews consisting of 528 persons and 166 vehicles;
  • 134 crews, consisting of 1,356 employees and 449 cross-country transportation and special vehicles. The Company’s branches entered into a cooperation agreement for emergency and recovery works in the process of eliminating technological violations’ consequences with 36 contractors;
  • Backup reserves amounting to a total of RUB 691 mln, including the main process equipment;
  • Backup power supply sources, totalling 353 units, including 140 stationary and 213 mobile sources, a total of 9.516 MW.