2015 Annual Report


Company profile

IDGC of Centre, PJSC (hereinafter, the Company) is a Russian power grid company that supplies electricity and connects new consumers to power grids. The Executive Body is located in Moscow. The Company’s branches operate in the cities of Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Kostroma, Lipetsk, Orel, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, and Yaroslavl.

Among the Company’s customers are large industrial companies, transport and agriculture enterprises, socially important facilities, as well as guaranteed electricity suppliers.

Corporate structure
Corporate structure
The largest shareholders as of the most recent closing date of the share register (May 20, 2015), including information about the clients of the nominee shareholders
The largest nominee shareholders in the share register as at December 31, 2015 without information about clients of the nominee shareholders

Structure of share capital as of May 20, 2015 (as of the most recent closing date of the share register)

The concentration of IDGC of Centre’s share capital at the last record date (May 20, 2015) (including disclosure of information on the customers of nominee shareholders in time for the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting dd. June 25, 2015)
Quotation list of Moscow Exchange
Quotation list of Moscow Exchange


FIRST (top) list of Moscow Exchange


42,217,941,468 Total amount of common registered shares with the par value of 10 kopecks each.

Credit ratings:

BB—/B/ruAA— with Stable outlook
AA very high credit rating,
level 2
National rating agency

Stock exchange indices:

MICEX SC MICEX index MICEX PWR Power utility index of MICEX MOEX RCI MOEX Regulated Company Index

Shares of IDGC of Centre are included in the calculation database of the Moscow Stock Exchange indices:

  • MICEX PWR (the weighting of the stock is 2.16%);
  • MICEX SC (the weighting of the stock is 2.02%);
  • MOEX RCI (the weighting of the stock is 1.66%).
Capitalisation, RUB mln
Quotation list of Moscow Exchange

Events and news that influenced the IDGC of Centre’s stock TRADING in 2015

Events Date A source Effect on the stock price movement
1 The assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, A.Belousov, said the Russian authorities so far have not discussed the increase of tariffs on natural monopolies due to the growth of the inflation rate. 21.01.2015 External Negative
2 According to the media, Rosseti may reduce the investment programme for 2015–2017by 30%. 16.02.2015 External Positive
3 According to the media, the Russian Ministry of Energy proposed to re-distribute the population’s payments to the generating companies in favour of grid companies. 19.02.2015 External Positive
4 IDGC of Centre published its statements under RAS for 2014. 03.03.2015 Internal Positive
5 The Board of Directors approved the revised the Investment Programme for 2015 and through 2016–2020. 17.03.2015 Internal Negative
6 The newspaper Vedomosti reported that Rosseti prepared negative and optimistic development scenarios for the subsidiaries through 2015–2019and their proposals on improving the monopoly’s financial sustainability. 23.03.2015 External Negative
7 IDGC of Centre published its Business Plan for 2015. 02.04.2015 Internal Negative
8 Rosimushchestvo (Russian Property Agency) reported that the discussion of the privatisation of Rosseti’s subsidiaries was postponed. 07.04.2015 External Negative
9 IDGC of Centre published its statements under RAS for the 1st quarter of 2015. 06.05.2015 Internal Positive
10 The Board of Directors of IDGC of Centre approved and recommended the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to allocate RUB 831,693 thou. for the dividend payment. 21.05.2015 Internal Positive
11 According to the media, the Russian Government is discussing a higher tariff growth for Rosseti for 2016. 27.05.2015 External Positive
12 Closing the shareholder register for the dividend payment. 07.07.2015 External Negative
13 IDGC of Centre published its statements under RAS for the 1st half of 2015. 28.07.2015 Internal Negative
14 Renaissance Capital reduced its rating of IDGC of Centre’s shares significantly by issuing the recommendation “To Sell”. 24.08.2015 Internal Negative
15 The head of the Federal Anti-Trust Service of Russia, I. Artemyev, said that the regulated tariffs shall not grow at a higher pace than the consumer’s inflation rate. 02.09.2015 External Negative
16 IDGC of Centre approved the revised Investment Programme for 2015. 17.09.2015 Internal Negative
17 The Federal Anti-Trust Service of Russia proposes a lower tariff indexation rate. 23.09.2015 External Negative
18 The Ministry of Energy of Russia proposes to reinforce the payment discipline for the sales companies. 25.10.2015 External Positive
19 The Board of Directors of IDGC of Centre approved the revised Business Plan of the Company for 2015, including the Investment Programme. 13.11.2015 Internal Negative
20 The Board of Directors approved the Company’s Business Plan for 2016, including the Investment Programme. 28.12.2015 Internal Positive