2015 Annual Report


Public relations

Following the principles of information openness, availability, promptness and reliability of information, IDGC of Centre’s PR priority is the implementation of a single internal and external information policy and the development of integrated communication.

Information campaigns

In 2015, IDGC of Centre launched information campaigns covering the preparation for the autumn and winter period, the improvement of energy efficiency, the prevention of third party injuries at power grid facilities, the development of IT infrastructure, other operational programmes and an explanation of the procedures of the connection to the Company’s power grids.

The broad geography of printed mass media and its business and social focus helped to convey the information about different aspects of activities of IDGC of Centre to all main target audiences. In 2015, more than 290 press releases about the Company activities were prepared and circulated in the mass media.

Government relations

For the arrangement of interaction with executive power authorities in the subjects of the Russian Federation in 2015, the Company management held meetings with the heads of the Smolensk, Tambov, Tver and Yaroslavl regions. During the meetings, issues of cooperation concerning the implementation of activities ensuring the reliable power supply and creation of conditions for the connection of consumers to power grids, and the prevention of capacity shortage in the area of IDGC of Centre, PJSC’s operations of were discussed.

Participation in public events

In 2015, IDGC of Centre’s specialists took part in different congresses and exhibitions at the federal and regional level, including RUGRIDS-ELECTRO-2015 and ENES. At these events, IDGC of Centre, PJSC, presented innovative solutions and advanced technologies applied by its power engineers at work and implemented the Company’s energy saving and energy efficiency projects. The Company’s specialists took an active part in the work of discussion platforms.

In 2015, the Company also participated in such large-scale events as the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum and the Sochi International Investment Forum.

In all regions of the Company’s operation, it takes an active part in patriotic and social events.

Before the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Company implemented a social project entitled “The Story of a Feat”. The goal of the project was to tell to as many people in Russia as possible about the unknown feats of their countrymen who struggled for victory. The Company created the website историяподвига.рф, where everyone can share the war stories of their families, relatives and acquaintances.

The Company also pays significant attention to the preservation of the memory of the soldiers and people who fought at the fronts of the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War and the immortalisation of their feat. In 2015, the representatives of Bryanskenergo reconstructed and redeveloped a monument and bed of honour to the partisans and their families in Klintsy, and took the military cemetery in Golubeya village under their patronage.

A project for the construction of a monument to sailors from Yaroslavl killed during the Great Patriotic War and in the post-war period is being implemented in the Zavolzhsky District of Yaroslavl Region and the Yarenergo branch is participating in this project.

In the reporting year, all branches again conducted a tree planting campaign entitled “Save the Energy of the Forest”.

Corporate communication awards received in 2015

In 2015, IDGC of Centre became the winner of a number of industry competitions:

  • According to the result of open internet voting in the first all-Russian competition for the media of press services for fuel and energy complex companies, IDGC of Centre’s project “Information Openness — a Step Towards the Customer” took second place in the category “Press Service/PR Services of Federal Fuel and Energy Complex Companies”; nominated for “Open Press Office”, the Company’s website won the silver medal for “The Best Company Website”.
  • Two of IDGC of Centre’s projects “Energy of Victory — the Longest St. George’s Ribbon” and “Energy Efficiency: from the Simple to the Complex” became laureates of the national programme “The Best Social Projects of Russia”.

The Company also received awards from the professional community:

  • The project “The Promotion of energy conservation and efficiency” was the winner in the category “The Promotion of State and Public Programmes” award in the field of public relations “RuPoR — 2015”.
  • IDGC of Centre’s corporate newspaper supplement for Rosseti won in the main competition category “Efficient editorial concept and content” at the “Silver Threads” National Competition of the Corporate Media. The special edition of the supplement, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, excelled in the professional category “Best Theme Tab in Corporate Media”. The corporate website of the Company was the best in the main competition category “High Level of Solution of Corporate Objectives”.
  • The PR-service of IDGC of Centre won the KonTEKst competition in the category “Social Energy” for the best coverage of the topic “Social and labour relations in the electric power industry of Russia” by the corporate media of power companies.