2015 Annual Report


Third party safety

In 2015, the Company’s the Board of Directors approved a Programme for reduction of third party injury risks in IDGC of Centre’s facilities for the 2015-2017 period. (Minutes dated 30.01.2015 No. 01/15)

The programme envisages items of action in the three main focus areas:

  • Work for ensuring the safe condition of power grid facilities;
  • Awareness raising activities;
  • Safe performance of work by contractors.

Assurance of the safe condition of power grid facilities

In the reporting year, the Company carried out work to identify and correct violations related to the unauthorised construction in protected zones. Overhead lines and substations were relocated from school, playground, and large residential areas. The Company’s specialists replaced non-insulated wires with safer, more advanced self-supporting insulated wires. Within the framework of the investment programme, 10-110 kV power lines and overhead lines in unauthorised construction facilities were relocated from protected zones. Over 23 thou. warning posters and signs with additional information about the risk of electric shock were installed in populated areas near public places, institutions for children, and on the banks of bodies of water in fishing areas. Additionally, within the framework of the 2015 Repair Programme, electrical installations in poor and non-operational condition were brought into compliance with regulatory requirements.

Prevention work done for raising the population’s awareness

549.8 RUB mln costs of implementing the Programme to reduce risks of injury to third parties in 2015

In 2015, the Company’s specialists continued its work in prevention awareness with local communities, primarily with children and teenagers, aimed at the prevention of electrical injuries. Over 1,800 classes were held for schoolchildren and students; child injury prevention cartoons and videos were produced. Electrical safety information messages were published in the mass media; they were also printed on the back of utility service payment bills. Land users, local authorities and entrepreneurs also received notices on the rules of the safe functioning and operation of power grid facilities.

Prevention of injuries among contractor’s personnel

The management of work done by contractors and the investigation of each accident is performed in accordance with labour protection law requirements and the Company’s relevant internal documents. The conditions of labour protection and injury rates are taken into account for the selection of contractors; a mandatory check of availability, the quality of design and technical documentation is performed. The sections specifying safe work performance obligations are included in standards agreements with contractors.

Due to the efforts taken by the Company, the number of injuries from third parties decreases every year. Namely, in 2015, the total number of injuries decreased by more than 60% in comparison with 2014.

Number of third party injuries at Company’s facilities
2013 2014 2015 Variance 2015/2014,%
21 16 6 –62.5