2015 Annual Report


Quality management system

The Company has 9 business services and 20 business processes, all of which can be classified into 6 categories — special management systems.

Management system of IDGC of Centre

Performance of processes and services are evaluated based on the target indicators:

  • proceeding from results of the year (target values),
  • proceeding from results of the quarter (performance indicators),
  • proceeding from results of the month (status indicators).

Plans for QMS development through 2016-2017:

  • an inspection audit to confirm the validity of the ISO 9001:2008 certificate;
  • certification of Energy Management System compliance with ISO 50001:2011;
  • introduction of professional standards;
  • switching to the new version of ISO 9001:2015 (including certification);
  • integration of the Risk Management System with the Quality Management System.
Growth and transformation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Property management
  • Business planning management
  • Financial management
  • Grid connection services
  • Power transmission services sale
  • Sale of additional services
  • Customer relations management
Main business processes
  • Power distribution
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Inspection
  • Operational and process management
  • Electric power quality management
  • Metrology support
  • Long-term and technical development management
  • Investment governance
  • Energy saving and energy efficiency improvement management
  • Operational safety management
Management System
  • Information resources and technology management
  • Management system governance
  • HR Management
Business services
  • Protocol event management
  • Document management
  • Legal support
  • Security
  • Logistics and material management
  • Administrative support
  • Procurement management
  • Information policy management
  • Accounting, tax and reporting, IFRS management

The Quality Management System of IDGC of Centre (hereinafter, QMS) is based on the compliance to the international standard ISO9001:2008 and was certified by the international certification authority BSI (Certificate No. FS 513378). In addition to this, IDGC of Centre acts in accordance with the Quality Policy, setting the main principles of the Company’s operations.

In 2015, the Company successfully passed an inspection audit of the Quality Management System to confirm the efficiency of the QMS’s functionality.

Furthermore, in the reporting year, the Energy Management System was introduced, which is apart of the Company’s overall management system. A project for the preparation of a certification for compliance with ISO 50001:2011 “Energy management systems — Requirements with guidance for use” was started.